History of HolylandMUN

History of HolylandMUN

The HolylandMUN 2014 Secretariat

HolylandMUN was founded under the fire of Operation Protective Edge, summer 2014. No one imagined that an operation would take place but once it had started,  a group of Israeli and International students came together to decide to go forward with the conference. Their aim was to make sure that every delegate and chair who decided to come would have a Model UN quality Model UN conference waiting for them and so it was.

The first HolylandMUN was founded in the shadow of the conflict that took place surrounding the inception of Operation Protective Edge in summer 2014. No one had imagined that an operation would take place when the dates for IsraMUN 2014, HolylandMUN’s parent conference, were announced in late 2013. When IsraMUN’s organizers made the decision to cancel the conference only weeks before it was supposed to occur in the summer of 2014, the group of Israeli and international students that had comprised the academics team for the conference came together and decided to find a way to facilitate the conference at a different venue, in order to make sure that every delegate and chair that decided to show up would have a quality Model United Nations conference waiting for them.

HolylandMUN 2014 and 2015 were dedicated to facilitating the principles of discussion, transparency and compromise. The ultimate goal of this conference has always been to try and bridge gaps between different countries and cultures, so that the leaders of tomorrow will truly see today for what it is, and appreciate the yesterday that we have been able to overcome and move past.

HolylandMUN continues with this theme, to provide a platform for dialogue and cooperation in times of conflict. HolylandMUN aspires to continue as an academic simulation of the highest quality in a region known for its rich history, culture and contribution to the library of the world.