Michael Zeff

Michael Zeff

Secretary General of HolylandMUN 2017 and “the last true gentleman”

Michael Zeff (1984-2017) was an Anglo-Israeli student, who completed his Bachelor’s degree at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. At the time of his death, he was in the process of completing a Master’s degree in European Integration at the Hebrew University’s European Forum while working as a reporter for the Jerusalem Post.

​Michael participated in Model United Nations dating back to 2000, albeit with a gap of nine years as a result of his completion of his mandatory national and military service. He was the cofounder of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Model United Nations Society, and acted as the founding Vice President for Academics of the society, becoming president the following year. He acted as the official trainer of the society for the 2012-13 academic year. Michael chaired and staffed at numerous Israeli national Model United Nations conferences, including IDCMUN 2014, and was awarded one of three full participation scholarship to the Cambridge University International Model United Nations (CUIMUN) conference in 2013, where he received the Distinguished Delegate award for his role in the Historical Crisis committee. Most recently, Michael directed the Ankara Cabinet at CUIMUN 2015, represented Russia in the Security Council at the Hebrew University’s European Forum Academic Simulation, won the Best Delegate award for his participation in the Crisis committee at ScotMUN 2016, and staffed at the 2016 edition of CUIMUN. Over the course of his Model United Nations career, Michael participated in over fifteen Model UN conferences, in various capacities ranging from participant to staff member. Michael was a huge proponent of Crisis committees, and was, in fact, responsible for conceiving of the topic and scenario for the Crisis committee that will be run at the upcoming HolylandMUN conference.

Michael was the man responsible for moving the 2017 HolylandMUN conference from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in order to realize his dream of hosting an international Model United Nations conference in his home city. Tragically, Michael passed away unexpectedly earlier this year, before the advent of the conference that he had worked so hard to facilitate. Michael was an active MUN-er who left an impact wherever he went, and his death has deeply affected the greater international Model United Nations community. The Secretariat of the 2017 HolylandMUN conference has taken it upon themselves to ensure that the conference that was his dream will take place in the manner that he wished. Michael thus remains the honorary Secretary General of the 2017 HolylandMUN conference.

Rest in peace, Michael. You are sorely missed.